MOVING OUT Things to do

  1. Return your apartment and mailbox keys. Please visit the laundry room and retrieve a key envelope. On the outside of your key envelope, please write your apartment number and your last name. This key envelope will need to be placed in the rent drop box on your day of move out. You could be assessed a $25 charge if your apartment key and your mailbox key are not returned. You can discard your laundry key and parking permit.
  2. If you have not already, be sure to visit the Move Out Link on our website and complete the Forwarding Address Form so the Housing Manager can forward your security deposit refund. Please allow 45 days from your lease expiration for processing of paperwork and return of deposit. This deposit will be mailed to your forwarding address from EVMS Accounts Payable.
  3. Beginning May 4th there will be a large container dumpster for bulk items such as couches, mattresses, miscellaneous items you wish to discard. Please use this dumpster to dispose your unwanted items instead of leaving them inside your apartment. You will be charged for any items left inside your apartment.
  4. Be sure to notify the applicable companies of your move out date. CALL DOMINION ENERGY!!!
  5. Please make sure the thermostat is set to Auto and set at 60ºF during the winter and 78ºF during summer. Close all blinds and turn off all of the lights.
  6. Front door of apartment must be clean and free of debris.