Meet the EVMS Campus Housing Team

De’Laine Goodman-Harper » Campus Housing Manager
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De’Laine Goodman-Harper is the Campus Housing Manager at EVMS Campus Housing and works directly with occupancy management, the apartment budget, apartment operations, maintenance processes, leases, and strategic planning of the on- campus housing complex. She received a BA from Hampton University and an MBA from Strayer University.

De’Laine has worked in marketing with the City of Norfolk, Old Dominion University, ARAMARK, and with Nancy Chandler Associates Realtors. In 2010, De’Laine decided to combine her love for students and her passion for higher education and began a career in Student Support Services, managing student complaints, discrimination cases, disability services and other grievance issues.

De’Laine believes to be a well-rounded and academically sound student he or she must develop positive relationships with peers and those around them. “My goal is to create social wellness for every student. I serve as a support system, especially for those who live in my campus community.”