EVMS Campus Housing

Resident Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:If I get locked out what do I do?

    A: From 8AM-4:30PM, call the office at 757-446-9236 or 757-613-0500. If it is after 4:30PM, or on a Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday, please call campus police at 757-446-5911.
  • Q: My neighbors are being really noisy. What can I do about it?

    A: Please send an email to GoodmaD@evms.edu immediately, notating the hours and frequency of the disturbance.

    The EVMS Campus Housing property shall at all times be used and occupied in such a manner as will not disturb, interfere with, or affect the comfort, peace and quiet enjoyment of neighboring tenants on the property.

    • 1st Offense – Warning from the EVMS Campus Housing Manager
    • 2nd Offense – Letter to the Associate Dean of Medical Admissions and Students
    • 3rd Offense – Could result in non-renewal of lease

    When school is in session, quiet times shall be observed during the hours of 9PM and 8AM, Sunday – Thursday and midnight through 8AM, Friday and Saturday.
  • Q: I have a friend from home coming to visit. How long can he/she stay?

    A: No guest may stay longer than ten days total during the term of lease or the leaseholders will be in breach of their lease.
  • Q: I need to get rid of an old couch. Where can I put it?

    A: Email the Campus Housing Manager at GoodmaD@evms.edu and a pick up date and time will be set for you. There is a cost associated with this pick up.

  • Q: How can I reduce my electric bill?

    A: Here are some suggestions for reducing your electric bill: Set the thermostat between 72 and 74 degrees, use ceiling fans, take shorter showers, don’t run stove longer then needed and turn off unused lights. Using timers may also work.
  • Q: I have a permit and I own a gun. Is it alright to have it in my apartment?

    A: No, you cannot have a firearm in your apartment. The use or possession of firearms, fireworks or any lethal weapon in the leased premises (EVMS Campus Housing) or elsewhere on the Eastern Virginia Medical School property is strictly prohibited.
  • Q: I want to renew my lease. How do I do this?

    A: Your lease automatically renews. Let us know as soon as you and your roommate have decided to definitely stay. We will get you a renewal agreement to sign which will reserve your apartment for next year.
  • Q: I want to renew my lease. Why does rent go up?

    A: Rent increases are sometimes necessary to cover increases in costs needed to manage and maintain the apartments.
  • Q: My lease is ending and I plan to move out, what should I do?

    A: Your lease automatically renews each year. Every March you will receive an email that notifies you to contact the office if you plan to terminate your lease. If you plan to terminate, respond immediately and the Campus Housing Manager will let you know the procedure and the date when you can officially be released from your lease with EVMS Campus Housing.