Move Out Charge Sheet

Listed below are the specific charges for items most commonly identified during the inspection. Any items damaged or not cleaned will be billed to you at the cost below. **PLEASE NOTE: these prices are subject to change due to severity of damage and are per item.*


$20 Counters
$20 Jackson
$20 Blinds each
$20 Light fixtures each/ceiling fan each
$20 Vanity each
$25 Vacuum rugs each
$30 Cabinets each
$30 Dishwasher
$35 Vinyl, tile, ceramic flooring each area
$60 Oven
$60 Range Top
$60 Refrigerator
$80 Toilet, kitchen/bath sinks each
$100 Furniture/bulk item removal each
$100 Tub/shower cleaning
$150 Carpet stained per sq. ft.
$150 Storage of items left per day


$10 Smoke detector batteries
$10 Drip pans each
$15 Light globes/bulbs each
$15 Outlets, plugs, switches, cover plates each
$50 Towel bars each
$25 Crisper tray each
$25 Smoke detectors each
$60 Window blinds/screens each
$50 Large picture hanging holes in walls
$60 Drywall repair per sq. ft./td>
$60 Oven or refrigerator racks each
$75 Kitchen cloud light
$100 Dining Room light
$150 Shower bar
$200 Counter top refinish
$200 Electronics Removal/Disposal per item
$225 Entry door

**Move Out Tip**

Some of the most frequent charges for move-outs are due to the tenant not cleaning the top and inside of the refrigerator, not cleaning the inside of the oven, broken blinds, and items left inside the cabinet drawers.