We are renovating January 1, 2022 to July 31, 2022.


Due to the upcoming renovations that will begin here in January 2022 we don’t want to bring you into an apartment just to move you again 6 months later. Therefore, if you are an incoming student with classes beginning August 2021, you will need to find off-campus housing until our renovations are completed.

We have compiled information about nearby housing for your reference. Renovations here at EVMS Campus Housing will be completed July 31, 2022, therefore, you can plan to move back here to EVMS Campus Housing in August 2022, just in time for your second year of classes.

Note: Off-campus housing information is provided solely as a courtesy to EVMS students. EVMS does not endorse any of the landlords, rental agents, or apartment listings and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of the listings. The listings have not been inspected by EVMS and all arrangements to see the accommodations should be made with housing managers listed. EVMS is not responsible for, and will not be involved in, any negotiations between you and any potential landlord, property owner, realtor, or roommate.