The Eastern Virginia Medical School seeks to provide and maintain a safe campus environment for pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic. The (HCA) Hague Club Apartments parking lot Motor-vehicle Policy is created to enforce and establish a climate for safety and order. A vehicle not displaying the proper HCA parking permit may be towed from the HCA parking lot at the owner’s expense. 

REGULATIONS General regulations: 

Parking Regulations: 

Parking Vehicle Hang-Tag 

Student/tenant owned and operated vehicles, when parked on the HCA parking lot, must have a current numbered, EVMS HCA vehicle rear-view mirror hang-tag displayed to be read from the outside of the vehicle. Should you relocate during the academic year, you are required to turn in the vehicle hang-tag to the HCA manager upon check out. Should you change vehicles you must update your new vehicle’s information in the HCA manager’s office within three business days (72hrs) of the new vehicle parking on the HCA parking lot. Failure to comply will result in the vehicle being cited or towed at the owner’s expense. 

Citation Process 

There is no fine associated with a warning citation. If two warning citations are issued to a tenant for the same violation within the current school year, the third violation may 

result in the loss of HCA parking during that school year, or towing at the owner’s expense. 

Towing Policy Vehicles may be towed as listed below: 

Vehicles are towed from the HCA parking lot at the owner’s expense, including storage fees. Towing signs are posted on the lot listing the towing company and a contact telephone number, Affordable Towing (757)543-2372. 

The towing signage is 30”x30” in size, blue and white in color and states “Restricted Parking, HCA Parking Permit Required, Towing Enforced”. For questions and clarifications, please contact EVMS Security at (757) 446-5199 or the EVMS Hague Club Apartments Office at (757)446-9236.